And What You Can Do To Fix It.

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I’m lucky enough to speak with a lot of people nowadays to give advice and help inspire folks to level up. It’s a passion of mine and I’m honored to do it.

With a lot of the people I speak to, they have big dreams, goals and desires which they desperately seek to make a reality. I absolutely love that.

I feel pursuing our dreams and bringing them to fruition is our in life.

When speaking to most individuals, they know what they want. Big goals and big dreams occupy their mind.

However, when I chat with them about their habits and daily actions? It doesn’t match their ambition at all. Their habits are terrible or, at best, mediocre.

In fact, they tend to suffer from and thinking about what they want is the only “action” they take.

This must change.

Detest Mediocrity

We live in a world today that tends to celebrate mediocrity and it is often rewarded.

In my opinion, getting participation trophies is ridiculous because it creates a false sense of work ethic. You should not get a trophy just because you participated in the game. Why work to improve if you know you’re going to get a reward anyway?

This isn’t how life works.

You don’t get a raise at the company you work for just because you work there. You need to the promotions and the accolades.

As a result of society rewarding mediocrity, we don’t push ourselves and we don’t work as hard.

Well, in order to achieve your dreams? You’re going to need to work harder and persevere like never before.

“Something deep in the human heart breaks at the thought of a life of mediocrity.” -C.S. Lewis

If you desire to achieve your dreams then you must take .

Smart action, of course. But a massive amount of it.

It is essential in your quest. The only way that you will be able to get over the mountain of obstacles that are put in your way is to have a desire — and a belief — which is backed by a amount of action.

You will also need a amount of perseverance, if not an unlimited amount of it.

Notice how I said and not mediocre.

Big dreams require bigger thinking, feeling and actions in order to achieve them.

Mediocre thinking, feeling and actions will only yield mediocre results. Not to mention, mediocre is .

Yes. It’s highly unattractive.

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For these examples, let’s say we aren’t in the middle of a pandemic.

If you go to New York City and you desire to see a Broadway show, you will see hundreds of billboards and advertisements that are about how great the show is.

You will not see a single ad that says, “” “

Would you pay for a $200 ticket if it was a mediocre show? Of course not! It’s to you and would be a waste of time and money.

What about restaurants?

I know if I go out to eat somewhere, I want quality. quality.

Good quality food, atmosphere and preferably music. Actually, I’d rather have great quality if possible. I do NOT want mediocre service, mediocre environment, mediocre staff, mediocre menu and certainly not mediocre food. I would hate to pay for that and would walk away disappointed.

The same argument can be made for doctors, therapists, speakers, coaches, mentors, athletes, etc. We don’t want mediocre experiences. We want the best. Yet, we allow mediocre behavior from ourselves constantly.

Why Your Life Sucks

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Put simply, your life sucks because you’ve settled. You’ve settled for mediocrity and deep down in your soul you that you’re capable of more.

I want you to become aware of this because if you desire to be great and to achieve the big dreams of your life? Then you cannot settle for mediocre in area.

In fact, I want you to in every part of your life because mediocrity is settling. Settling is death.

Settling is the death of your potential, your greatness and most certainly, the death of your dreams.

Dream do not settle. They are risk takers.

These people summon courage to walk the path of their dreams and are constantly re-evaluating themselves and the plan to improve and they get better so that they can level up.

Dream don’t hit the average level and then for mediocre. Instead, they look to ascend to the next level.

They cultivate the self-discipline to get things done.

Greatness demands that you examine your life and see where you’ve settled so that you can make the choice to say,

The word “greatness” has the word great as the root of the word. Not mediocre.

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” — Albert Einstein

So, I challenge you to look at your life. Look at your patterns.

Think bigger. Feel bigger. Take bigger actions. actions on a daily and consistent basis where you to be average.

If you do that? You will surprise yourself by unleashing your potential.

You’ll discover hidden gifts within you — that you had no idea existed — because you pushed yourself and decided not to settle.

Detest mediocrity. Pursue greatness relentlessly.

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