The One Thing You Cannot Ever Get Back

It’s fleeting and depreciating.

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Leisure Land

You see, we have an abundance of everything in this world.

Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.” — Theophrastus

When you engage in these activities, you are pouring those vital (and fleeting) moments down the toilet. And, you’re creating negative habits which don’t serve you, or your progress, at all.


If you had $86,400 in your bank account and you misplaced $20 somewhere, you’d have $86,380 left, correct?

“Every second is of infinite value.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Change how you think about it. Fast forward to the end of your days and think from the end. Thinking in this manner allows you to detach from the incident and reintroduces perspective into the mix.

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Final Thoughts

So, are you going to whine that that person didn’t call you back? Are you going to complain to every person at work that the barista put regular milk instead of almond milk in your $6 Starbucks? Are you going to cry over the fact that the scale says you’re 2 lbs heavier today?

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