The One Thing You Cannot Ever Get Back

It’s fleeting and depreciating.

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I’d like to introduce today’s topic with a riddle:

Do you know the answer?

Read it once more if you don’t.

It’s .

Leisure Land

You see, we have an abundance of everything in this world.

Love, friendships, money, laughter, etc. It’s all out there. And if we ever lose it? We can get it back or it can come back into our experience.


Time is a depreciating asset. It’s diminishing.

There’s an expiration date for us and we don’t know when “our time is up,” so to speak.

It’s kind of scary if you think about it. Literally any moment, could be our last.

I see so many people out there wasting their time. Pre-pandemic and currently, a lot of folks are living as if they’re going to live forever. Some are aware. But most? Not so much.

We take time for granted which means, we take for granted.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and place for leisure. Watching a movie, playing video games and some days doing absolutely nothing has value. That has its place and I’m not knocking the importance of that.

By all means, have leisure time when it’s And when you do earn it? Enjoy it.

But most people live in “leisure land.” They need escapism. Their whole world is devoted to it.

They work and make a little coin to live it up for the weekends without having earned it. And then, while they’re in it? They complain about not having the things, and the life, they want.

I’m talking about whining. Complaining. Worrying, doubting, blaming and making excuses. Thatis an utter waste of time.

Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.” — Theophrastus

When you engage in these activities, you are pouring those vital (and fleeting) moments down the toilet. And, you’re creating negative habits which don’t serve you, or your progress, at all.

You wind up complaining about everything. becomes an issue. That behavior doesn’t help you level up or live life in a positive state.

And while you may think you are justified that Rick didn’t thank you for paying for his cup of coffee or your boss didn’t shout out the great job you did, when you’re 92 and you’re at the end of your life? You’re not going to be thinking about that scenario at all.

Instead, you’ll be thinking something like, “


If you had $86,400 in your bank account and you misplaced $20 somewhere, you’d have $86,380 left, correct?

Let’s say it fell out of your wallet and you lost it. Or maybe you gave it to someone and they haven’t repaid you yet. You have $86,380 left in your account now. Not that big of a difference, right?

Well, we have 86,400 in a day. And it normally takes one small 20 second incident to ruin our mood and send us into victim mentality mode.

We need to cry, whine and complain to we know about that one 20 second scenario. And then, without realizing it, we are wasting so many more moments of our day.

Moments we could use to turn things around. Moments we could use to progress and level up. Moments we could use to serve and help someone less fortunate.

Moments…which we will never get back.

“Every second is of infinite value.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Change how you think about it. Fast forward to the end of your days and think from the end. Thinking in this manner allows you to detach from the incident and reintroduces perspective into the mix.

You’ll realize that one 20 second incident probably isn’t a big deal. And there are literally thousands of other moments in your day which went right.

You’ll spend MORE time instead of judging. More time instead of gossiping. More time instead of hating. More time instead of letting excuses from the conditions control your life.

And what’s beautiful about all of this? The ball is completely in your court. You get to choose how you want to spend and utilize your time.

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Final Thoughts

So, are you going to whine that that person didn’t call you back? Are you going to complain to every person at work that the barista put regular milk instead of almond milk in your $6 Starbucks? Are you going to cry over the fact that the scale says you’re 2 lbs heavier today?


Are you going to to not let insignificant events determine your mood and disposition?

Are you going to decide how you want your life to be or will you always be victim to the conditions? Are you going to choose to let unimportant things go and get back to work on your goals and dreams?

Are you going to run your day or will it run you?

The choice is yours.

Don’t waste time. Don’t take it for granted. Because every minute has to count. minute has to count! Because any minute could be our last.

I hope this gives you some food for thought.

And, I certainly hope I didn’t waste your time.

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