Apply the process I’ve used to change my life.

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We can’t help but change and evolve. It’s the nature of evolution.

When I was younger, I feared change. I desperately tried to stay the same person because I had a fixed mindset full of fear. Little did I realize that change is not only inevitable, but it’s a sign of growth.

Change is the only constant in the universe. Even if we try to stay the same, time will do its thing on us. We are continually morphing and evolving.

Since we are going to change, we might as well focus on what direction we change in and who we want to become. …

What to prepare for to achieve success.

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Entrepreneurship is mostly a lie.

It has this aura of fame, lambos, parties, and freedom. Influencers flaunt private jets, weekends in Vegas, models, and a selfie with Gary Vaynerchuk to show how awesome it is. But very few show what goes on behind the scenes and what it takes to build a business. While everyone is happy to show off their wins, few are as eager to showcase their losses.

I wish someone had told me how difficult the journey to building a business online was and what it takes to achieve our goals.

Luckily for you, I’ve had plenty of failures and have learned from them. If you desire to build a business or brand online, brace yourself for what’s to come. …

Working out teaches us what it takes to achieve our goals in life.

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Training takes time.

It takes time to learn proper form. It takes time to see growth and to build up strength. It takes time to see results. We don’t measure our progress on a day-to-day basis. It’s more like week-to-week and then month-to-month.

Patience is necessary to climb to the peak and achieve the top of your mountain.

“He that can have patience can have what he will.”

-Benjamin Franklin

Change Takes Time

When we desire to add strength to our bench press, we do not just try to bench 315 pounds on our first session. That’s insane. Instead, we start at the bottom. The bar. 45 pounds. …

This separates the talkers from the doers.

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There are plenty of people who talk a big game when it comes to success and achieving their goals.

However, talk is cheap, and most are full of crap. Often, those that talk a lot rarely do. Speaking is the only action that talkers accomplish.

There is one quality that must be developed that separates the hot-aired talkers from the hungry doers.

What Quality Do the “Hungry” Have That Separates Them?

It’s urgent.

The people that are hungry for their dreams are urgent.

These people do not wait until tomorrow. They know there might not be a tomorrow! …

And how you can return to enjoying the journey.

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Our dreams are beautiful.

They are gifts given to us from life to fulfill our purpose and achieve our highest level of joy. Life gave us these dreams, and we give back by bringing them to life.

However, many lose their enthusiasm for their desires in pursuit of the goal, feeling like a slave to their vision. What once filled us with electric eagerness has now turned into a dreaded chore. This experience makes the voyage to our destination painful and exhausting.

The trick is to reframe the process.

The Journey

The journey — the process — has to be enjoyable.

The majority of your life is in the journey. …

Being a martial artist improved my mental health and made me a better human.

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Martial arts saved my life.

I was bullied when I was younger horribly. I didn’t have the skills to fight back or the confidence to face my fears. Each day, I was petrified of going to school and dreaded the thought of being picked on.

Thankfully, I took karate. That changed everything.

In my life, I have gone on to study multiple styles of martial arts. I’ve learned, I’ve grown, and I’ve thrived as a result.

If you’ve never taken up a martial art, I highly suggest you do. Here are nine benefits of training in the martial arts.

It Teaches Self-Discipline

First and foremost, martial arts teaches you self-discipline. …

Ask these questions daily and often.

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If there’s one thing I wish school taught me it would be the skill of choosing better thoughts.

The only thing we ever have control over are the thoughts we choose to think. They can make or break our happiness. Thoughts are the rudder of our mental ship, steering the direction of our lives.

Asking these questions will inspire other empowering thoughts which will help fuel your growth and progress.

What Brings Me My Highest Joy?

We get one life. There is nothing more important than knowing what brings us joy and feeling as good as we can while we are here.

Knowing the experiences and activities that make you smile is essential. …

Turn these hobbies into habits for progress.

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If you desire to be happy then you have to commit to it.

Happiness is a job. It is your main job. A big conduit for happiness is finding fulfillment through becoming well-rounded.

Balance is key in that equation.

If you can find the balance between these three topics, you’ll be learning, growing, and progressing toward your best self.

A Hobby to Keep You Healthy

There is no excuse for this nowadays.

We are bombarded with endless ways and methods to take care of our health and fitness.

There’s a gym on every corner. There are also thousands of trainers that one can access online. There are programs, diets, blogs, websites, and YouTube channels devoted to physical well-being. …

It’s stupid how easy these are.

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Life can be crazy.

Living in the age of convenience has made us complacent and has caused us to take our health for granted. With so many issues to juggle going into 2021 — and dealing with a pandemic — we must always remember that our health is paramount.

Here are 7 simple actions to improve and maintain your health.

*Note: There is an affiliate link in this post.*

Drink Water

This is such a quick and easy fix: Drink more water.

Our bodies are 60% water. The brain and the heart are 73% water. Lack of water leads to dehydration, headaches, memory loss, and a bunch of other avoidable experiences. …

How to always improve your mood and your life.

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Depression is on the rise, and stress is through the roof.

While 2020 is almost over, more and more people are feeling unhappy. A lot feel beat up, rundown, and exhausted. This has only been accentuated by a pandemic.

If you’re feeling down, there’s one fail-proof solution.

Give as if Your Life Depends on It

The fastest way out of unhappiness is to give.

If you’re feeling down and depressed, I guarantee you’re focused on yourself. Your problems. Your deficiencies. Your lack.

Take the focus off of you and go and serve someone. Find anyone, ideally, someone less fortunate than you, and give to them.

Volunteering at a homeless shelter is what I’ve always done. I’d see people who had real problems. Literally having to worry about food, clothing, and shelter. …


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